Tuesday, 6 December 2016

To Do List 20


Happy Tuesday! I am getting in full Christmas spirit and cooking my big Christmas meal on Saturday for friends so will be a busy week for me! I do enjoy it though!

I managed to get through quite a lot this week too...

Christmas Presents
2. Buy frame
3. Sew Aprons - all 7 sewn up
4. Add tape to aprons - all 7 done
5. Sew hats - 2 out of 7 done

Lullaby Layette Trousers
7. Recut whale fabric
8. Overlock whales

13. Buy backing fabric

Sleeping bag
23. buy zip

Lullaby Layette Romper
43. Sew legs
44. Sew in elastic
45. Add snappers
46. Plan more

Number 46 definitely rang true - I planned many more! I adore this pattern and you will be treated to a super long blog post soon enough I am sure. I managed to:

  • Cut seahorse shirt
  • Overlock seahorse shirt
  • Cut whale romper
  • Overlock whale romper
  • Cut fox romper
  • Overlock fox romper
  • Cut bee romper
  • Overlock bee romper
Overall I managed to get 23 out of 48 done - 23% - and a bit more!

Here is this weeks to do list;

I have really broken down some of these tasks as know I don't have much time now so I may not get much done but can try doing a little bit at a time when I can squeeze it in - something I really should try to get used to doing I think!

Have a great week :)

Kristy xxx
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